Change of address – Moving the Blog

Some of you might have noticed that the address of this blog has changed – as has the layout. Dramatically and hopefully towards a better reading experience. The new blog is now self-hosted and provides a much better platform to do stuff. The new address is

There is a redirect from this blog and it is active until January 2013. I transferred all the legacy posts and comments.

However, I realize that there is a considerable amount of subscribers – and that is something I did not manage to transfer. So, please renew your subscription on the right sidebar of the opening page of the new blog (if you still want to follow my obscure thoughts, that is… 🙂

I want to take this opportunity to thank you – during the past two years the blog has gotten over 200 000 views which here in the North Pole – written in English – is pretty considerable amount.

I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again in the new address.



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